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Something that Always Crosses My Mind

What would I do when I come back home later is a question that always takes my time to answer. I have some plans regarding to my future, but they are not enough, yet. There is always a thing that always crosses my mind since many years ago, and I think I have said that on this blog. It is that I want to learn, or more precisely to relearn about my religion.

I really want to understand and practice more about my religion. I realize that my religious is getting worse, that’s why I need to refresh, maybe I can find some “enlightenment”, or at least I can be a better person for myself.

Rotterdam, September 29th, 2016.

Published based on the draft.

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Rizqi Fahma
A practical guy who enjoys to write about his daily life without any falsity. He's probably not good enough in writing yet, but he's trying to be better at it.

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