Long time no see. HI there, it has been awhile. I have been busy this time around. I have been doing quite a lot of stuffs recently, and found no time to blog. It’s awesome to be back, because it…

Keep Improving

It doesn’t matter if currently things are looking not so impressive. There’s a lot of things have been learned, thus we’ll keep improving.

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600 Posts

This is my 600th post on my blog here. The 600th since my first post in 2011, literally 6 years ago. There has been a lot of things that I have been written so far, and all of them are…

Rizqi Fahma

Solo Backpacking Rewinds

It is just keep getting normal that I always found myself to recalling my memories from my solo backpacking in Europe. For sure I am not going to do it again by myself, instead, I will go backpacking with my…

Nikmati Saja

Nikmati saja setiap tugas yang diberikan, nikmati setiap tantangannya. Pasti ada yang bisa dipelajari dari itu. #EnjoyIt